Advocacy Groups

Advocacy Groups and Leaders fighting Important Health Rights and Freedom Issues

Food Safety, Freedoms and Rights:; Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund Center for Food Safety Institute for Responsible Technology, Headed by Jeffrey Smith to educate the public about GMO foods  Organic  Consumers  Association   Real Milk Institute, New coalition formed in 2011 to advocate for access to safe, raw milk. website for the Cornucopia Institute, watchdog for organic foods to maintain integrity of the organic label often misused by corrupt corporations, Weston Price advocacy group for food freedoms and access to real safe food ; A group of health care providers, dietitians, nutritionists and not for profit organizations interested in providing accurate dietary advice, plus fighting the efforts of the former ADA to monopolize and control the industry

Fighting Mercury used in Cavity Fillings:  Charlie Brown’s advocacy group to remove toxic mercury from dentistry

Removing Poisonous Fluoride from our Public Water Supply: Fluoride Action Network-Get the Real Facts about Fluoride: Dr. Paul Connett, worldwide leader in movement to remove fluoride from drinking water

Broad Based Health/Food Information and Freedom Advocacy Groups:  the Alliance for Natural Health, an advocacy group providing updates on health freedom issues and action alerts for concerned citizens  Environmental Working Group , can join their action network to receive emails updates to push for cleaner food, water and air, excellent advocacy group, Mom’s Clean Air Force: grassroots group fighting to clean up our air and environment

Vaccine Information, Safety and Freedoms:    National Vaccine Information Center , NVIC the International Medical Council on Vaccinations Vactruth website with facts on vaccines





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