Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOGMO’s are a large scale experiment on our farmlands and health. Independent studies have  pointed to dangerous health consequences for animals consuming plants injected with genetically modified organisms. The majority of our soy and corn grown in the U.S. is now GMO.  The Institute for Responsible Technology is the single most important resource about the dangers of GMO’s This food guide can help you to avoid GMO’s while grocery shopping or eating out:


Below are links to my articles on GMO dangers and news updates.

Avoid Eating Dangerous Genetically Engineered Food at your Dining Table

The biotech and agricultural industry is now aggressively pushing ‘Missouri Monsanto Bill’ through the state legislature

Biotech giant announces expansion at St. Louis HQ; Congressional members propose Federal GMO labeling laws

New GMO labeling bill will be the ultimate test between the will of the people versus the greed and power of the biotech industry


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