Health Consultations

Nutrition heals

Nutrition heals

In addition to my counseling practice, I offer health and nutritional consultations. I can provide informational coaching to provide you with the knowledge that you need to make better health care decisions for yourself.

 Do you wonder how you can start to eat better?  Do you need recipes to get you started?  I can coach you based on where you are at and what your personal goals are.  Do you want to find a holistic health care practitioner but are confused by the various training and backgrounds of providers? Do you wonder what questions to ask a prospective provider? Are you looking for a dentist who practices holistic dentistry but not sure where to look or what to avoid? Do you want to learn how to prevent cavities and orthodontia though diet? Do you want tips on exercise? Are you struggling with stress and wondering what natural supplements can be helpful?

I can guide you based on what your objectives are. I can share the wealth of information that I have accumulated in my years of research and search for healing for my family.

One or more meetings

We can meet or talk just once and I can arm you with articles, books and resources to continue your own learning. We can meet several times as I cheer you on with your successes and provide a steady flow of helpful information. Change can take time and it can help to have someone on your health team.

Holistic health and healing are my passion and I look forward to the opportunity to help you on your journey towards better health.

Dietary Principles Followed

The dietary principles that I follow are those of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which are similar to the principles of the more commonly known Paleo diet. After studying several dietary principles and diets, I am personally convinced that these dietary principles provide the highest nutrition possible. I recommend eating nutrient dense traditional foods and can help in your transition towards eating more ‘real’ foods in your diet. My motto is to go back to eating the way your great grandparents ate, replacing the processed, empty calories of fast food with healthy eating.

Where and How?

We can meet at my counseling office or at a mutually agreed upon location. If you live locally I can meet you at the grocery store and help you wade through the aisles to find the high quality food you desire, after an initial consultation. I can give you names of brands I have discovered to be nutrient dense and safe to eat.

For those out of town, I can offer phone consultations with a phone call at an agreed upon time. You can pay conveniently through my secure PayPal account on this site, located on my payment page, below policies.

My rates for this service are $100 per hour.

Contact Me

Please contact me by phone at 314-750-6556 or through my email at [email protected]  to set up a consultation. Feel free to briefly ask me your health questions to determine if I have the knowledge and experience to help you. If I don’t feel I have the answers for you, I will refer you elsewhere.

Remember that each day we have the choice to nourish our bodies with nutrient dense foods or eat processed, empty calories.  As Hippocrates stated long ago, “Let food be thy medicine.”


I am not a licensed physician. It is important that you consult with your licensed personal healthcare provider prior to making any health care decisions. I am able to provide information that  may be useful to you, but ultimately you are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any effect, good or bad, that results from following any of my health recommendations. My health consultation with you is solely for the purpose of providing you with holistic health information to empower you to make a more informed,  personal healthcare decision. 

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