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Treating “hidden causes” cures debilitating mental illness, when nutritional approaches and counseling fail

th (23)Addressing nutritional deficiencies can often cure mental illness. Counseling which addresses life stressors is documented to improve situational depression and anxiety.  However, when nutritional approaches combined with psychotherapy fail to reverse mental health problems, there often exist hidden causes which need to be treated.  The” hidden causes” include systemic infections, parasites, dental toxins, metal toxicity, gut dysbiosis and allergies. Individuals can obtain miraculous recoveries from intractable and life-threatening mental illness, once these hidden causes are diagnosed and eliminated.

Nutritional deficiencies are associated with mental illness

Deficiencies in amino acids, B vitamins and omega 3 are well established causes of mental disorders. See http://www.naturalnews.com/040016_mental_illness_omega-3_happy_foods.html  for more details.

Counseling strategies effective in helping individuals

Cognitive behavioral, family systems, solution focused, and Emotional Freedom Technique therapies have proven to be effective in treating normative depression and anxiety.

Mental illness onset often precipitated by external stressors

Mental illnesses are often precipitated by external stressors in one’s life. This makes sense bio-chemically since it is known that stress to the body depletes one of nutrients and therefore increases susceptibility to disease through a compromised immune system.  Just as stress increases the likelihood of one catching a cold or flu, stress can increase susceptibility to infectious agents specifically known to cause mental illness.

Infectious agents linked with mental disorders

There is evidence that several infectious agents cause mental illness and their symptoms. These infections linked to either temporary or permanent mental illness symptoms include syphilis, Lyme disease, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sepsis, malaria, HIV, Legionnaires disease, Chlamydia, typhoid fever, herpes, tapeworms, giardia, ascaris, trichinosis, Toxoplasmosis Gondi and streptococcal infections. Diagnosing and treating these underlying parasites, bacteria and viruses can eliminate mental disorders.

Dental infections originating in root canals and cavitations can cause depression

Hidden dental infections found in root canals and cavitations can also cause mental illness.  Dr. Douglas Cook, DDS described a patient who had tried to commit suicide due to debilitating depression. Once Dr. Cook removed her infectious root canals and metal dental fillings, she made a full recovery from her depression. The majority of root canals are infectious.  The dental/health connection is well established by research.

Metal toxicity from incompatible dental fillings and immunizations cause illness

Symptoms associated with mercury and other metal toxicity include insomnia, mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, night sweats, muscle tremors, and hearing radio/television sounds. These same symptoms meet criteria for diagnosis of several mental illnesses.

One can diagnose heavy metal toxicity through hair mineral analysis testing and more accurately through a chelation challenge urine test. Treatments to safely eliminate metal toxicity include diet, herbal, homeopathic and prescription drugs. Trained biological dentists can safely remove dangerous metal fillings. See http://iaomt.org/.

Gut dysbiosis and food allergies are associated with Schizophrenia, Autism and ADHD

Gut dysbiosis occurs when the intestines develop an imbalance of bacteria.  Good bacteria food-allergyare overtaken by parasites, candida and “bad” bacteria. Gut dysbiosis leads to a compromised immune system and nutritional deficiencies.  A compromised gut lining allows food and toxins to be absorbed as foreign agents into the blood stream, causing food sensitivities and mental illness.

Healing the gut, through elimination of infectious agents, dietary changes, probiotic use and avoidance of food sensitivities, allows improvements in mental illnesses.


In treating mental illness, it is important to first address nutritional deficiencies and life challenges. If those efforts fail, hidden causes including infections, metal toxicity and gut dysbiosis should ideally be addressed by an alternative practitioner.  These approaches can allow natural, complete healing from mental illness, which is generally treated as a “chronic”, incurable condition by conventional medicine.

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 Treating ‘hidden causes’ cures debilitating mental illness when nutritional approaches and counseling fail  written by Michelle Goldstein, first published May 24, 2013 in Natural News


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