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My writing and health interests are broad and the following published articles reflect some of my findings on natural cures, prevention and other subjects. I hope that you will find this information to be useful. The links will take you to my published articles as they appear on my writing blog Holistic Health to Go (with links to the original Natural News publications). You may also click on this link, Natural Cures and Preventionto go to my blog’s page with all of my articles on this subject. My writing blog is updated with all of my newest articles. 

summer annuals


Sunlight is very therapeutic and is free:

Sun exposure proven therapeutic, while avoiding sun harms health

Catch late summer and fall sun rays to experience significant health benefits

Cancer has many natural, safe cures that have been destroyed and hidden from the public for the last 100 years. Many can still be accessed in spite of extreme suppression:

Cancer is cured safely, in spite of wide spread suppression by the “cancer industry”

Public outcry, education and activism is needed for health freedoms:

Public outcry positively impacts legislation for parental rights on vaccinations

Health and food choices must be won to improve American health

     Aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer:

New research links aluminum to breast cancer

Natural Cures for Disease and Pain:

Incurable auto-immune disorders can be treated successfully with functional medicine

“Frequency-specific microcurrents” to the rescue for pain, injury and illness

Treating hidden causes of disease results in miraculous healing

“Active Release Technique” provides safe, effective healing for common injuries


Avoiding your dentist can save your life

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