“As a holistic practitioner, Michelle is definitely in the minority. She has a unique specialty in the St. Louis area. Michelle has helped me tremendously in feeling better! Michelle has counseling1helped me think about my life more positively through education, therapy and support. I highly recommend Michelle if you would like to feel and do better” A.C.

“After being a client  for well over two years and having two therapists retire on me within a month’s time, I was paired up with Michelle. I lost trust and faith in therapists by then and thought she’d leave me, too. Michelle is not only my therapist, she’s my nutritionist and she’s a friend. I have severe chronic pain diseases and CFS. She doesn’t judge me and she doesn’t treat me like a “patient” or “client”. I’ve been seeing Michelle for over two years now and she’s even battled with my insurance company for me. I have a degree in psych/soc. and they DO NOT teach what she does in school. She goes above and beyond the call of duty”. C.M.

“Michelle has been a close friend of mine for several years and she is a trustworthy, compassionate, honest individual of the highest integrity. I have witnessed Michelle’s transformation and knowledge growth the last several years in the area of holistic medicine. I have learned a tremendous amount from her. She has become an expert in the field of counseling-servicesholistic nutrition and the impact of environmental toxins on physical and mental illness. We have had countless discussions regarding the tremendous impact of diet to health, including heart health, my specialty. Michelle has demonstrated tremendous knowledge regarding the truth about cholesterol and fats. Michelle has written excellent articles for holistic health websites, demonstrating the breadth of her knowledge in this area. She is both a gifted writer and practitioner. I would highly recommend Michelle’s counseling services, for both her therapeutic skills and her expertise in the area of holistic health. She can present safe, effective nutritional alternatives to psychotropic drugs, for those patients who are interested.” Harvey Serota, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist and Partner at St. Louis Heart and Vascular Cardiology: http://slhv.com/home/

“I have known Michelle personally for 26 years and have watched her become enlightened images (55)and passionate about holistic health. She understands many of the hidden “underlying” causes of illness, both mental and physical. She has worked tirelessly to bring healing to her family and her compassion for others has made her want to share her knowledge and expertise. She is well-informed about the critical role diet and food plays in mental and physical health, and I have learned a lot from our many conversations. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle’s counseling services. Individuals will benefit from a compassionate therapist and knowledgeable mental health care provider.” Connie Rieser, RD, LD, Dietitian:  http://dietbydesignfl.com/ 

“Michelle has been a professional colleague of mine for several years. We have worked counselingcooperatively together consulting on cases and problem-solving issues that arise in our professional capacity. Michelle is a caring and enthusiastic therapist who genuinely demonstrates concern and expertise with her counseling clients. Recently I have enjoyed reading and learning from her many health articles that she has shared with me. I would highly recommend Michelle as a therapist with no reservation.” Ida J. Grider, MA, NCSC, LPC, FACCT, Counselor

“Michelle is a very caring and supportive friend and counselor. We have been great friends since we met over 15 years ago. Her non judgmental style helps her to relate well with her clients. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge on diet and nutritional supplements to help treat mood disorders. I highly recommend Michelle as a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist.” Kathy Mankofsky, RD, LD, Dietitian.  http://www.omegavia.com/fish-oil-depression-part-1/ 

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