Vaccinations have not been proven safe or effective in preventing disease. To the contrary, immunizations have been shown to be quite dangerous to health, causing severe brain damage and death, among many other significant injuries.

Immunizations are currently a highly controversial subject in healthcare, with strong divisions between conventional and holistic medicine practitioners. It is important to be an informed consumer and to make an educated decision on this medical procedure. Be sure and research extensively, not just reading the informational pamphlets distributed by the makers of the vaccines. Check the resources listed on my health resources page for vaccinations. These are some top websites to check for more information: National Vaccine Information CenterInternational Medical Council on Vaccinations,  and Vac Truth.

Whether to vaccinate or not is your personal healthcare decision and only you have the right new-school-counselorto make it. Your child depends on you to make an informed decision regarding his/her health.

Here are links to some of my published articles on vaccines, including a link to an article published by a journalist colleague who cited my research throughout his reporting. For a more complete listing of my vaccination articles, see my health blog, Holistic Health to Go:

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